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Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them.
Albert Einstein

The Artoption Ltd.

We see ourselves as an innovative and goal-oriented product forge that transfers high-end technologies for prepress and media production to the cloud in a user-friendly and cost-efficient manner.

We achieve this on the one hand through the trusting cooperation with our technology and OEM partners (calibrate Workflow-Consulting GmbH and callas software GmbH) and our own software developments.

Managing directors Aart Izelaar-Buchholz and Dirk Simanek founded Artoption GmbH in 2019 in sunny Swabia. Although Artoption itself is still very young, the entire team has more than 100 years of experience in print and media production.

The seven-person team consists of 2 software and 1 project developers, a product/media designer and a back office manager.

The entire Artoption GmbH team is guided by four rules of conduct in their customer meetings and product development:

- Simplicity and abandonment

- Clarity and fairness

 A milestone for Artoption GmbH was February 2021:

3CPDF, the first in-house developed, cloud-based and platform-independent PDF checking tool could be presented to our customers.

In 2022, we developed the AO Font Quick Finder-Service out of a very current occasion.