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Automated exchange of Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts in InDesign documents
Automated exchange of Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts

Adobe announced back on 27 January 2021 that it will discontinue support for PostScript Type 1 fonts in InDesign and other authoring applications in January 2023. This applies to both the creation of new content/documents and the editing of existing content/documents.

Please note: Affected style sheets (paragraph, character, table formats and GREP styles) can also no longer be used. Your sample templates that have been built with Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts must be recreated!One more reason to check your current documents and templates as a precautionary measure and rid them of this obsolete font format:

There is an urgent need for action!

To avoid a standstill of your production, measures must be taken promptly.

Do not underestimate the time required for this mandatory step and the costs incurred for new fonts!

It is one of the biggest challenges the graphic arts industry will ever face. Plan carefully and early! Because content with Type 1 typography will not be editable after support ends, nor can new content be added.

With the AO-Font-Quick-Finder-Service for fully automatic search and recognition of Adobe PostScript Type 1 fonts, all Type 1 documents in your company can be identified in a short process and the fonts can even be replaced in a further step. If you need new fonts or replacement fonts, we will gladly support you in acquiring these fonts.

Think about how many documents you would have to examine in your company and calculate the time you would have to spend on this yourself. You will be surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of work involved. Experience has shown that people tend to "leave the subject alone". This is the worst decision: We take the pain and the work away from you!

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