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PostScript Type1 font support to be discontinued in January 2023.


Adobe announced on 27 January 2021 that it will discontinue support for PostScript Type 1 fonts in InDesign and other authoring applications in 2023. This applies to both the creation of new content and the editing of existing content. All the more reason to take the precaution of reviewing your current documents and templates and ridding them of this obsolete font format.

Type 1 fonts were introduced by Adobe in 1984 with the page description language PostScript and became the standard quite quickly. By the 2000s, PostScript Type 1 was the most widely used font format in prepress.

From 1996, Adobe switched its products and font development to the more versatile OpenType format. This development was done in collaboration with Microsoft. OpenType fonts are platform independent. 

The end of Adobe support does not affect PostScript/EPS or PDF content with embedded Type 1 fonts. These can still be inserted into InDesign documents in the future, which can then be correctly displayed, printed or output to PDF format.

As an Extensis partner, Artoption GmbH supports you with professional tools for the automated detection of Type 1 fonts in your documents and Server infrastructure.

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