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3CPDF (LFP) is a specially developed test profile for the Callas pdfToolbox. Confectioning in large format printing can become a very time-consuming affair. It is basically possible to pass a job ticket to 3CPDF (LFP). A job ticket defines the product intentions such as dimensions, number of pages, number of colors required, printing
conditions and other specific settings (web frontend in Q4).

3CPDF (LFP) includes all checks and corrections according to PDFX-4. In addition, the often very special further processing options (finishing) can be controlled. The variables developed by our technology partner (calibrate Workflow-Consulting GmbH) allow flexible control of checks and corrections. 3CPDF (LFP) will be introduced as a web application in quarter 4 of this year.

The job ticket

In principle, it is possible to transfer a job ticket to 3CPDF (LFP). A job ticket defines product intentions such as dimensions, number of pages, number of colours required, printing conditions and other specific settings. Based on this information, 3CPDF (LFP) automatically activates and configures all necessary checks. This makes it possible to check each PDF file for a specific expectation, which can be completely different from file to file.

2 examples of use

Roll-up banner

Often the area remaining in the roll-up box is not taken into account when creating a roll-up banner. By defining the visible area and the print area in the job ticket, the 3CPDF Profile checks whether this area needs to be added first. If the banner has printing elements in the lower area, these are extended downwards and mirrored as with the bleed generation. The generated PDF has the necessary size after this processing. In addition, cutting lines can be added for automated and manual trimming.

Hemstitch production of a double-sided printed product 

For production reasons, part of the second side must be positioned on the first side. On the reverse side, taking into account the trapping, an area must remain white so that welding or gluing of the ink-free area is possible after the fold-over. Optionally, the cutting lines that may be necessary can be created invisibly, in a form readable by cutting machines, or visibly outside the printed product. This is a great help to the advertising technician who has to apply the ruler in order to cut manually. 

For an online demo and further 3CPDF (LFP) information, please contact us.