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Enfocus Switch

Automation your way
Automation your way

Connect everything with everything. Switch is the only true workflow automation platform.

Switch connects:

The road to automation is built on connections. Integration starts with connecting business systems into a single automated workflow.

Switch is the only platform that automates your processes regardless of your print applications or devices. 

Wide-open platform

Connectivity with everything whether it is an install and go or a completely custom build.

Switch is a platform that allows you to build your workflow using your favorite applications, supported by a global network of solution partners and creators that integrate and extend Switch capabilities.

Powerful scripting

Switch's powerful scripts open all doors. If you can script it, Switch can do it. Whether you have the skills yourself or use an integrator, scripting is the path to limitless automation.

· JavaScript: Switch Scripter is an integrated development environment that simplifies JavaScript writing.

· Limitless: Whether it's connectivity, messaging or data sharing, Switch automates everything your scripts can do.

· Node.js: Take advantage of the resources and scripting freedom that come with the Node.js environment and NPM packages.

For an online demo and Enfocus Switch information, please contact us.