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Enfocus PitStop Health Kit

Our Enfocus PitStop Health Kit is based on the Smart Preflight technology in Enfocus PitStop Pro.

The Enfocus PitStop Health Kit has individual PDF checks and corrections. For example, the user can specify their own values when checking resolution or line width. It is checked according to PDF/X-4 Plus and corrected if desired. ISOcoatedv2_300 is set as the output condition.

Two integrated DeviceLink profiles can be used to reduce the total colour application to 300 or 280 percent. The conversion from RGB to CMYK can be done either ICC-based or with a DeviceLink profile. In order to visually better explain the final format of your print product to your customers, the TrimBox (final format) can be lined out.

Try the Enfocus PitStop Health Kit and contact us.