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Customer-oriented service

The focus is not on the product, but on the customer relationship.
The future is becoming more agile

IT services are becoming more complex, project management (keyword Industry 4.0) is becoming more multi-layered and customers are becoming more demanding and changing their requirements more often and faster, even in an ongoing project.

Previously strictly defined procedures with linear and rigid processes (goals, milestones, schedules and budgets, ...) must therefore be handled more flexibly and make room for networked thinking and action. Consequently, "bunker thinking" is broken down, interfaces are reduced and information is exchanged continuously and without fear of contact. The degree of networking in the companies and in the projects thus paves the way for agile management methods.

For Artoption GmbH, agile in this context means: planning and controlling (service/support) projects as dynamically and flexibly as possible in order to be better able to respond to (still) unclear, complex or rapidly changing requirements, market changes and customer needs.

Agile principles require a cultural change in the company.

Artoption GmbH sees itself as an agile company that always focuses on customer and solution-oriented service.

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