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Enfocus Switch PDF Review

PDF approval processes made easy With the Switch PDF Review module, Enfocus offers an interesting option for directly involving clients in the approval process for print jobs.
PDF approval processes made easy

Enfocus offers an interesting way to directly involve clients in the print job approval process with the Switch PDF Review module. This module makes it easy for users to visualize PDF files, perform object-based inspections and review everything within an HTML5 user interface on a PC or tablet. The Switch PDF Review Module gives service providers the ability to get online approval from the client early in the workflow and integrate it into their production workflows.

Replacement of e-mail soft proofing - automation of approval processes.

The goal of the solution is to replace manual soft proofing via email and overcome the problems and shortcomings of this process. One of the problems with emailing PDF proofs is that service providers have no control over what type of PDF viewer their customers use when viewing PDF files. This is a big problem because the overprinting, transparencies and what is then seen on the screen may not render correctly. Also, you would usually have to create a separate PDF file (with lower resolution and/or RGB color space) for sharing via email to overcome email size limitations. With the Switch PDF Review module, communication with the client is completely automated and the above problems are solved!

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