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callas pdfToolbox Desktop

The software for correction and manual PDF preflighting

The pdfToolbox Desktop is a manual PDF preflight and correction application, available as a plug-in in Adobe Acrobat Pro or as a standalone application.

pdfToolbox Switchboard: all prepress actions in three clicks

pdfToolbox offers prepress operators an easy to use interface for all pre-press actions, which gets you to each action you might need in three simple steps. You can easily customize this further, so you have your favorite actions at your fingertips.

Check and correct files, ready for print

pdfToolbox will fully check your file based on the parameters you have set. With pdfToolbox Desktop you can create your own preflight (quality control) rules or use any of the predefined profiles that come with the software. Many of those predefined profiles are based on international standards, so you are sure that the file is ready for print in the end.

Quickly visualize problem zones

Reporting you that there is an error with a file is one thing, showing you where that error is located, is something else. Thanks to the pdfToolbox visualizer you can quickly identify problem locations regarding e.g. ink coverage or text size and rectify these areas.

Prepare files for finishing

pdfToolbox offers you a wide range of tools to further prepare your file for printing based on order specifications ranging from imposition or tiling to grommet placement, the addition of die lines or even creating a forgotten varnish layer to the file.

Build process plans to automate your workflows

Don’t want to check all your files manually? Of course not, that’s why pdfToolbox offers you multi-step conditional processing of files, based on variables that you create yourself. Now, you can create automated flows for files that have to be checked and/or adapted on the same variables, making your file processing more time efficient.

For an online demo and more callas pdfToolbox information, please contact us.